Deep within you there is a fire burning. It’s a red-hot flame of deep love and a soul ache for meaning, impact and connection. Some days it burns so bright you feel the passion coming right out of your chest. You get moved to tears by how much you feel and ideas or creativity pour out of you.  But then… the flame simmers down to a little ember, choked out by doubt or disillusionment as you wonder,

“who am I kidding?”

And you return to the daily struggle of crossing things off your to-do list, hoping for a small piece of quiet time or space to breathe at the end of the day/week/month.

Those are the times when you struggle with clarity, aren’t sure where to get started, self-care gets neglected, you have trouble finding your footing, standing up for yourself, and feel the unpleasant emotions that might range from guilt to loneliness to resentment.

On those days it feels like joy is lost and you have to hold the world on your shouldersAnd that passion project, desire, routine, goal, gets pushed off or put away until… you have more time, when things are less crazy, or when you get yourself more settled.

But that flame inside, the one that feels lost when you’re tired and overwhelmed… it still flickers. It does not go away. The flame is the reminder of your truth and the sacred promise you made to yourself years ago:

 That you were meant to be a bright light in this world.

That you have a gift to give, an impact to make and a difference to deliver. And even on the hard days, the ones where nothing goes right and some part of you wonders why you bother, you know that you will not give up on your dreams.  Because you are a messenger of hope. Your life and how you live it matters. Your feminine self is full of soul and superpowers.

And you know when you turn that on…You become a RED HOT VISIONISTA

You become a woman who dares to live your dream, love yourself, and light up the world with your gifts. I recognize the Red-Hot Visionista within you. The one with a fierce fire, a feminine flair, a strong desire and vision to better yourself, your life and the world. I also personally know and understand the doubts, fears, and blocks that keep you from living as happily and abundantly as possible.

I am calling you into a sacred circle designed to nourish every piece of you as a woman!

A circle that is sacred. And by sacred I mean special, beyond the ordinary, inspiring of awe, and worthy of spiritual respect and devotion.

It’s so sacred that it strengthens your integrity, supports your spirit, connects you to your higher purpose and gives you the kind of joy that peeks out of the pages of poetry. I call you into this sacred circle because I believe in who you are and what “more” there is for you here. I call you into the Red Hot Visionista Sacred Circle: A 9-month circle full of sisterhood, mentorship, retreats, and coaching to live your most fiery feminine and fulfilling life. This circle looks at three themes.

1. UNMASKING your essence and finding fulfillment.
2. BEING the leader of your life without guilt or apology.
3. HEALING the sisterhood wound in supportive community

UNMASKING your essence and finding fulfillment

A long time ago you developed a mask to protect you. This mask has served you and helped you be successful and yet it has also kept you smaller. Although we think we can hide behind our masks, people can sense the misalignment. Your life must have resonance with the embodiment and expression of your essence by integrating all parts of ourselves. Together we will support each other to peel off our old masks of protection and persona and reveal our courageous vulnerability laced with beauty and power. You will explore your feelings and beliefs around power and resistance and take a look at the parts of you that have been scared, tender, angry and shamed. Through our work, you will find compassion, forgiveness, and integration. You will find wholeness and therefore a deeper clarity around the vision of your red hot life of meaning. Our work will support you in feeling more fully-expressed, grounded and joyful. You will become clearer on the impact you are here to make, gain a deeper understanding of your unique gifts and talents to infuse your life and career with more meaning and happiness.

BEING the leader of your life without guilt or apology

I believe you are called to be a leader in this life. But the title of “leader”, whether explicit or implicit, begins with the alignment of your mind, body, soul, with the words and actions of who you really are.

You become the leader of your life by getting to know and trusting your inner guidance system so you no longer have to live in the chaos of indecision. You’ll learn to slay your dragons of doubt, give up guilt and claim your truth. You will look at your patterns around handling conflict, and address the deep visibility fears around the judgement of what people will think. We will take a look at our feelings and beliefs and patterns around money, time and self-care. This course will help you will work through fear and resistance so you can take the kind of action that feeds your dreams and desires and to live a peaceful, purposeful, juicy life instead of reverting to our self-sabotaging defaults.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, my experience of having consulted with many companies and spiritual leaders while running a successful and full coaching practice, I can guide you toward taking the action steps needed to create your vision and dream. I will be lacing deep inner work with practical training and tools to help you move forward with action.

HEALING the sisterhood wound in sacred supportive community

I believe that to really change the world we have we have to unite as women, healers, and leaders. When we as women claim our power, we lead this world toward its healing. In order to do that, we must heal the wounds inflicted in the tearing down of other women. We have all seen, heard and been part of the hurt, betrayal, and rejection that creates the sisterhood wound. I’m calling together a group of women who will courageously dare to heal this wound in order to “be the change we want to see” in the world by creating peace within our own hearts and by finding healthy ways to deal with jealousy and competition. I believe that we NEED to be in sacred community in women’s circles. I believe we need this kind of interaction to thrive and grow.

I am calling you into this sacred circle because I believe that we can become a healthy community of authentic support; where we can fall in love with the other women in our circle and love them through their imperfections, their triggering of our doubts, envy, and frustrations. I want to be part of creating a community that grows in connection even through differences. I want you to have the experience of being fully seen and held and believed in. This level of intimacy and trust is healing and it does something for our soul that nothing else can. True community is where we experience fully expressed living.

I am calling you into a sacred circle to fuel the red-hot flame of your desires, dreams and visions.

Now is not the time to resist the calling of your soul, to play small,  or worry about making others uncomfortable.

It’s your time to make an impact and be all of what you are called by your heart and spirit to be.

Join me, Visionista. Your essence journey awaits.

During this program you will:

Rewrite your story
Transform your wounds into your superpowers
Uncover your essence and true gifts
Access your inner wisdom and learn to trust it
Tune into the rhythms of our earth, seasons and bodies
Detoxify your relationship with time and money
Cultivate red hot soul care practices
Learn my process on having courageous conversations and speaking up
Clarify and plan your vision
Give up the guilt and embrace pleasure
Learn to receive support
Overcome perfection and the “Not Good Enough” myth
Set and honor healthy boundaries
Heal your own sisterhood wounds
Love and forgive yourself

Red Hot Vi•sion•i•sta

/viZHənēstə/ noun. A woman who sizzles with imagination, creativity and vision. She is a seer and seeker of wisdom and truth. She knows her value and worth. She’s committed to expansion and believes in magic and possibilities. She is a dreamer who listens to her desires. She makes sh*t happen, expresses her essence and does it with style, grace, and heart. She is connected to her spirit and soul, her sensuality and her intuition. She lives deliberately and makes an impact. She can be found wearing red sassy shoes one minute and fairy wings the next. She laughs so hard she snorts, she loves fiercely and she lives life outrageously. She is a Red Hot Visionista.


“This work has transformed my relationships with all the women in my life, including my relationship with my mother, Forgiveness and healing have happened. I’ve also strengthened all of my boundaries. I am more confident and outgoing in my family, my friendships and all my social networks due to the support of my RHV sisters. They know me, really know me, and love me just the way I am. I have come to love and accept myself so much more thoroughly. My relationship with my husband has also blossomed over the past two years! I’ve learned that I am worth it and so are you.”

– Nancy Doggett

“My experiences in Regena’s programs have led to phenomenal business and personal growth. I have been emboldened to take steps to align my business model more closely to my vision, purchased my own zen office space, and made difficult personnel decisions in order to reflect my business ethics and core values! I am consistently creating a better quality of life with more work / home balance.”

– Rebecca A. Long, Psy.D.

“This work has empowered me to be a strong, confident woman. I left my job of 16 years only to be empowered to return to the same company 6 months later, with a higher-level position and salary. In addition to the position / income, I have the respect from upper management. I am 100% confident I would not be the woman I am today without working with Regena.”

– Lisa Kushnick

“I’ve received some of the best “career compliments” this year. Both compliments came during a very stressful project that I joined when it was already behind schedule and people were overworked…It warmed my heart to know that even during a stressful project, I could make a positive impact.

On a separate occasion, during that same project, another individual mentioned that I was the most optimistic person they know. Since I’ve spent most of my adult life communicating with sarcasm, eye rolls, and have fallen victim to the gossip trap, I know without a doubt that being in Regena’s programs over the last two years has helped me grow emotionally and mentally. I have the tools I need to make a difference and also the confidence and compassion within myself to try… and try again.”

– Ingrid Ciano

“I believe in my heart I would not be where I am in my journey without the 2 years of RHV. Regena is a master in detecting the wounds and encouraging the work in its time to be done I went from a woman hiding behind a really good mask…and Regena would not let me do that. She kept pushing and encouraging me to take the layers off; wash them away with the many tears I shed; living a lie that I just wasn’t good enough for anyone or in anything. I thank you Regena with such a full heart as you send me on my way to explore more in my journey of womanhood and sisterhood.”

– Brenda Nagle

Red Hot Visionista Sacred Circle Includes:

• 9 months of support with two coaches and a small group of other Visionistas (group is under 25) 
• Monthly 75-minute Interactive Training Calls
• Laser Coaching with Regena
• 9 to 13 Private Coaching Sessions with Essence Coach Jen
• Three Virtual Workshop Days (Plan, Organize, Complete or Create)
• 4 Virtual Moon Rituals ( Setting Intentions and Releasing)
• Monthly Challenges and Focus Areas
• Content Training Videos with Regena
• Playsheets and Activation Assignments
• Private FaceBook group for support, connection and communication


3-day April Retreat in Orlando, FL
4-day October Getaway in Mexico

Interested? Find out more!

Even if you aren’t fully sure the RHV program is for you, I encourage you to fill out the questions below.  Answering these questions is a step toward getting clarity and awareness on discovering if this program will support you. This does not obligate you in any way to participating in the Red Hot Visionista Program. It’s just one step in finding our more information. In the many years of calling women into the circle, I’ve learned it’s important to have a conversation to see if it feels like the right fit as well as answer any questions or address any fears or concerns. Once you submit the questions, we’ll set up a conversation!

**Please answer the questions as openly as you can, but tell your inner Good Girl there is no “right” way to answer the questions. If you’re not sure how to answer a question, ask your inner Wise Woman to guide you.

Regena Garrepy is a mentor to messengers, essence guide and feminine leadership coach. Her circles hydrate your soul in sacred sisterhood. As a recovering good girl perfectionist achiever, she knows firsthand the journey back to trusting your own wisdom and worth. Over the past 8 years, she has facilitated over 40 transformational events, individually coached hundreds of women, leads two 9 month sacred circles (Red Hot Visionista and Leadership Level) and will lead her 7th  annual Bye Bye Good Girl Getaway in Mexico. Regena is also the director of training at TUT where she develops Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities Trainer program and Soulapalooza. She’s an award-winning direct seller, alchemist, sister-wound healer, and wine enthusiast. She holds weekly dance parties in her kitchen with her teenage son and husband of 20 years. Regena is known to jump on beds, drink bulletproof coffee, order only fries from room service, and laugh until she snorts.